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July 8th, 2008, 7:46 pm

A Journey in the Dark

Hi there!

Name's Paul Abbamondi, and I draw journal comics about my life. This is my first real dive into fictional comics, hence the title of this post, and I'm a bit both excited and nervous as to how it will turn out. Of course, the only way to see how it turns out is to turn it out.

First, let's answer the what is likely-to-be most asked question about Fortuitous Twist. What does fortuitous mean and how do you pronounce such a vowel-laden word? Our friend the dictionary comes in handy here:

Main Entry: for-tu-itous
Pronunciation: [fawr-too-i-tuhs, -tyoo-]
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin fortuitus; akin to Latin fort-, fors chance - more at fortune
Date: 1653
1: occurring by chance
2 a: fortunate, lucky <from a cost standpoint, the company's timing is fortuitous: Business Week> b: coming or happening by a lucky chance <belted down the stairs, and there was a fortuitous train: Doris Lessing>

Well, there ya go. If I was to be vague and summed up what FT is all about, I'd say it is a New Jersey drama about relationships, heartache, lost souls, meandering moments, cats, insecurities, growing up, and the awesomeness that is sushi. To say any more might ruin the joy of experiencing a story as it unfolds. The webcomic will certainly be episodic, colored, and posted on a never solidified publishing schedule.

I hope y'all like what you (will eventually) see!

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