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About Fortuitous Twist

The Story

Fortuitous Twist is a New Jersey drama about relationships, heartache, lost souls, meandering moments, cats, insecurities, growing up, and the awesomeness that is sushi.

The action that unfolds is episodic, focusing in on two roommates surviving their final year of college down in South Jersey. Josh is terrified of choices, and does the incredibly stupid and unthinkable when he finally puts his mind to the matter: breaks up with his girlfriend. Dean, on the other hand, is looking for adventures, anything to occupy his mind, whether they involve food or not (he'd prefer they did), and the world is really just one big half-filled glass of water to him. Together, they will continue on. They have to. Otherwise, their dumpy landlord will kick them out for having a pet cat despite that no pets clause in the contract.

Basically, there's drama.

The Cast

Content forthcoming here, I promise...

The Author

That'd be me: Paul Abbamondi. I draw journal comics about my exciting (well, you be the judge) life, as well as write speculative fiction short stories. I've been published in a number of print magazines and ezines. This is my first adventure with a graphic novel and I'm pretty dang frightened about the whole experience. So, please, send me cookies.

The Live-Action Movie

What? No, no. Not yet at least...

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